The doors in this range are water-proof and covered with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheets which give them their distinctively beautiful finish. Carved from the best raw materials available and cut by latest cutting-edge machines, these all-weather doors are capable of withstanding the harshest of climatic conditions, without even a scratch to their exquisiteness. Choose from an exotic range of Century Laminates, which uses a unique technology in which special resins impart extra strength to its laminates, making them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.



· Ready to use
· Easy to clean
· Excellent bonding
· Excellent durability
· 100% Termite and Borer Proof
· Stain resistant
· Bending resistant
· Minimal maintenance
· Available in wide range of shades
· Available in 25 to 40 mm thicknesses
· For interior application only


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