♦  Sliding Window :

Unlike more traditional single or double suspension windows, the sliding window opens horizontally rather than vertically. Depending on your lighting and ventilation needs, sliding windows (also known as sliders) may be the best choice for your home or business. Available in a variety of colors, styles,materials and finishes, house windows offer many advantages that may
appeal to you.

♦  Casement Window :

The casement window opens all the way to the outside. Unlike double-hung windows that are closed at the top, the casement windows are spacious from top to bottom and provide excellent natural ventilation and light from side to side.

♦  Awning Window :

The awning window, like a casement window, opens outwards. However, unlike casement windows, the sunroof opens with a top hinge instead of a side hinge. Awnings are very popular and offer many advantages over other styles of windows, such as improved ventilation and design versatility.

♦  Picture Window :

Picture windows are fixed windows, which means they cannot be turned on or off. These large areas of glass have a use – a beautiful view of the frame. Windows often appear in high ceiling or vaulted ceilings, which are often installed as arched  house windows in arched areas, doors and other windows.

♦  Sliding Door :

aluminium sliding doors have many benefits. The main reason for the popularity of such doors is that they save space and
versatility. They hardly take up space in the room. This makes them an excellent solution for small apartments and narrow halls.

♦  Folding Door :

Choosing to install a aluminium folding door will be a great complement to any home, offering an amazingly modern environment for work, rest and entertainment. This is the most effective way to open your home without affecting the open
space you can bring in, while at the same time becoming the focal point of any kitchen, restaurant expansion or lounge. Bi-fold doors are ideal for home improvement solutions for many reasons, but here are just a few very good benefits.

♦  Casement Door :

Aluminium casement door are ones which swing out from the side. They are often installed as part of a door installation but can be installed as a single door as well. They work well in locations where you cannot easily push a door sash up, such as above kitchen sinks or countertops.


This custom-built architectural product, aluminium tile trim (also known as wall tile) creates a smooth transition between the tile and another floor surface at the same height as the wood or carpet. The aluminum tile edging outline creates an attractive finished edge while protecting your tiles from chipping. The profile is made of high-quality anodized aluminum with an integrated straight-edge grout line for faster installation without the need for gaskets between the trim and the tile. Tile edge trim and tile corner trim, we can produce different varieties of straight edge tile trim corners to meet your needs. Provide CAD to respond immediately.

Aluminum Skirting Board :

Skirting boards are very practical: they are ideal for protecting the bottom of walls that are often kicked and worn, and can also hide seams between floors and walls with unfinished edges. The base plate is also important for the touch of the design, they can add to the overall decoration: the appearance, shape and material are the key factors in choosing the base. If it matches the room style perfectly, it can become an impeccable feature point for a furnished house or workplace.


Kitchen cabinet brings very big convenience to our kitchen life, as the innovation of science and technology, ambry material also increases with each passing day. This type of aluminum alloy profile not only has a rich decorative style but also have strong hardness, not afraid of water, not afraid of oil, and long life ect. Brovie Aluminum as a supplier of aluminum profiles in China. Focus on aluminum extrusion for more than ten years, mature technology helps you answer professional questions. A large number of exports to provide one-stop service.

♦ Casement Profile :

Our business casement doors window has high water density, high air tightness, high strength, and energy saving. They suitable for tall buildings and strong window area. They can be possessed by a different kind of surface, like wood grain, power
coating in colors, polishing, etc.

♦ Sliding Profile :

We provide our customers with the complete solution. All the aluminum extrusion profiles have a surface treatment or finish as you request. We have a lot of options for the mill, anodized, powder coating, wood grain, electrophoresis, polishing and so on.
The most popular surface treatment is anodizing and powder coating, correct surface treatments of powder coating bronze/charcoal/white/black and anodized natural matt silver.

♦ Standard Profile :

All profiles come standard with a clear anodize which helps prevent oxidation
and corrosion while providing a matte finish. To meet another requirement of
usage, we can supply with powder coating with RAL Color Code.


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